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Journey Group Testimonials

“The Journey Group has changed my life. I can see how I let shame and guilt rule so much of  my life. I now feel redeemed and would like to help others experience the same.”

“Life changing.  I thought no one would like me if they found out what happened to me. Journey Group was the first place I risked telling the truth and was loved.  They didn’t reject me.”

“I can see how my past has affected my relationships with my wife and my children. I was an angry, withdrawn man who spent all of his time at work.  We are beginning to talk and play as a family for the first time.”

“I lived a narrow life. Journey Group gave me a place to have friends.  I found out I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I did.”

“Everything about our family looked perfect on the outside and was crumbling on the inside. We didn’t talk about what was happening.  Now I can tell the truth, and share my feelings, some I didn’t even know I had!!”

Disclaimer: This small group ministry is not intended to substitute for mental health, medical, pastoral, legal, or other professional services.