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Journey Groups

Wounds come in all shapes and sizes and few of us have escaped being injured.  We live in a broken world and so we suffer its effects.  The damage of sexual, emotional, verbal, physical or spiritual abuse, along with abandonment and neglect have scarred us individually and impacted our families, communities and churches for generations.

Many of us have tried to go through life hiding the guilt, shame and pain fueled by the lies we have believed about what happened to us.  What does hiding look like?

Some become aggressive.  Others numb out and become passive.  Still others bury themselves in work or school or family, or volunteering.  Addictions are another way some choose to distract themselves from feeling their inner turmoil. The wound never stays  hidden and will always push away deep connections with others.  The wounded heart remains isolated and alone, never fully alive.

Tragically, current marriage and family relationships become strained or broken, friendships remain shallow or non-existent.  Real intimacy is never developed and frequently feared since that is where the initial abuse occurred.  Trust was betrayed by dad or mom or a sibling, or an uncle or a friend or a trusted teacher, coach, or camp counselor.

Journey Groups are committed to being a confidential, compassionate, safe place where the past can be examined, and participants can be loved well in the process of looking at the damage.

Group members are encouraged to cease hiding and speak the truth about their life, the lies they have believed and the ways they have chosen to try and avoid feeling.  Journey Group is a community were the broken places can be compared to the truth of God’s Word, and in that way, a firm foundation for continued growth can be established.

Ultimately, God is the one who heals us.  However, since abuse is a relational sin, it needs to be addressed in community.  Journey Groups are focused on providing a vibrant, alive environment were the process of restoration can begin through the rebuilding of relational connections.


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