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Lesson Titles

The Master’s Craftsmen Lessons


Lesson 1: Essence of a Patriarch (View an exclusive preview here)

Men explore the stages of development – from boy to patriarch – and the significant impact a patriarch can have on future generations.

Lesson 2: Separation from Parents

Once a male has developed into manhood, he must separate from his parents, both physically and emotionally, in order to be fully used by God

Lesson 3: Affirmation

Men will discover the father’s role in developing his son’s inner core in order to prepare him to be a man of God.

Lesson 4: The Unaffirmed Man

This lesson examines the emptiness that results when a person’s identity, value and purpose are not affirmed and how that ultimate affirmation comes from God alone.

Lesson 5: Moving through the Darkness

God created man to reflect His movement toward having meaning and purpose. Participants will examine why men do not move the way God intended and what it takes to make godly movement.

Lesson 6: Becoming Men of Courage

Often confusion that surrounds and permeates life must be confronted – something men are hesitant to do. This lesson explores why men tend to avoid confusion and gives some  insights into handling it when it happens.

Lesson 7: Man as a Priest

Men will discover the true meaning of priesthood and how it applies to their role within the family.

Lesson 8: The Priest – Examining the Fire Within

What is the priestly significance of fire? During this lesson, the issue of why men do not serve as priests in their home or pursue spiritual matters will be addressed.

Lesson 9: Man – The Warrior

This lesson will help men defend righteousness in their lives and in the lives of their family members by encouraging them to use the Word of God as an offensive weapon against Satan.

Lesson 10: Man – The Lone Sheep

Participants will learn that asking another man for help is not a sign of weakness but, rather, a sign of godly masculinity.

Lesson 11: Man as a Covenant Friend

Men will tackle the issue of friendship in this lesson.  What is involved in establishing and maintaining a close friendship as well as the fears that often hinder a close trusting  friendship will be looked at.

Lesson 12: Man and His New Identity

During this final lesson, men will explore the process God uses to equip man to be used by Him.