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FAQ’s About The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage



Commonly asked questions about The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage.


What is The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage?

The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage is a 12-lesson study that takes a couple on a journey of looking at what is really going on below the surface in their marriage. We all carry baggage into our marriages that hinder our ability to meet each other’s needs. Couples will learn how to help rather than hurt each other. This study offers practical, biblically based resources to help your journey of intimacy. The principles taught will provide a deeper understanding of God’s design for oneness in your marriage and help you understand your partner in a more intimate way. This will allow you to be more intentional in meeting their needs and equip you with resources to protect your marriage and inspire you to a deeper level of oneness.

Who would benefit from the Heart & Soul classes?

Couples with good marriages that want to take their marriage deeper. Engaged couples may also take this course as part of their premarital preparation. Couples who are experiencing serious marriage difficulties or are going through a separation or divorce. Many couples comment that they wish they had attended the Heart & Soul classes shortly after they had gotten married.

Why choose The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage?

No marriage is perfect. Even with the best intentions we are often selfish and hurt each other. Some of us have been raised in homes where we did not see healthy, unconditional love modeled. As a result, we carry emotional baggage into our marriages that causes hurt. The problem is we often don’t recognize the ways we hurt each other in our marriages and the damage it does. As the hurts continue over the years, the pain deepens, and we pull away in order to protect ourselves. If the root issues are not addressed in the relationship, the hurt often kills the love in one or both spouses and we give up on the marriage.

Will the Heart & Soul series help us restore love and rebuild trust?

The Heart & Soul series will help you identify where trust has been damaged and how to rebuild trust and restore feelings of love. When we feel safe and understood we are able to build intimacy. God designed marriage and He also provides the resources to bring healing and oneness.

Do we have to share our problems?

The format of the classes is a non-threatening, lecture style using video clips and other couples stories and does not require participants to share their personal problems. Questions and comments are welcome.

What if I'm not sure I want to work on my marriage?

This feeling is not unusual. Often when we have been hurt in our marriage or our needs have not been met for some time, we feel that our marriage is hopeless and that the love is not there to try again. We often believe that our spouse or marriage situation will never change. But before giving up, it is wise to see if the issue can be resolved. We encourage spouses to attend the 12 weekly sessions whether they feel like working at the marriage or not and then after the classes, decide if they want to continue the marriage. Often our pain from the marriage blocks our view of the solutions necessary to heal the marriage.

Can The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage classes help if we are separated?

Yes, because the classes are designed to help you work on the root issues that have led up to the separation. The focus of the class is for each spouse to work on their own issues so that trust and love can be rebuilt. A marriage relationship is no better than the people in it. So we encourage each of you to work on your own issues so that the relationship will last when you put it back together.

Do we both have to attend?

No. If your spouse is not ready to make a commitment to attend the Heart & Soul classes, we invite you to attend alone. The class can teach you how to understand the underlying issues in your marriage and how to respond in a way that brings about healing and resolution to the conflict.

Are The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage classes counseling?

No. The Heart & Soul classes are not counseling. They are lectures that include principles, stories, illustrations, video clips and couples sharing their stories to make it a practical learning experience. Many times couples have personal problems that need to be discussed with a pastor or counselor in private. Over the years we have found that couples do best when they attend the Heart & Soul classes along with counseling. Trained teachers who understand the struggles of a marriage and share from their own experiences teach the Heart & Soul classes.

How do The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage classes work?

The Heart & Soul classes meet for 12 consecutive weeks and are offered several times each year, depending on the city. Please check our website for class times and locations. Participants may begin attending the classes at any point in the 12-week series and complete the seminar during the next series. Each spouse is given a workbook to follow the class lectures and to complete assignments. After each lesson, there are questions for you to discuss with your spouse.

Is there a fee for The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage classes?

Yes, however the fee is minimal for the 12-week series and includes a workbook for each participant. Class fees may vary according to the location of the Heart & Soul series. The fee for an individual attending alone is less than that of a couple and also includes a workbook. Class fees may vary based on location. Learn more about our The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage classes here.

When does the next class series begin?

See our current schedule for class times and locations. If you have any questions please call the Bridge To Life office at 1-800-716-3643. Remember, you may also begin at any point during the series.

What if we are not sure if the classes are for us?

We invite you to attend one class session to check it out as our guest before enrolling in the series. If you like the class and think it would be helpful, then you may enroll.