The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage

The Heart & Soul of a Real A Marriage course looks behind the wall of issues that most couples think are causing marital tension and into the deeper wounds that each carried into the relationship before they even met.  Rather than glossing over marital issues with marriage management skills, this course exposes the motivations of our hearts that sabotage any hope for genuine intimacy.  In so doing, it provides real hope for redeeming the marital intimacy we dreamed of when we first “fell in love.”

Whether you want to enrich your marriage or find hope for a troubled or broken marriage, The Heart and Soul of a Real Marriage will offer you practical resources to help you on your journey of intimacy. This series runs for 12 consecutive weeks.

The Heart & Soul of a Real Marriage course is designed as a resource for churches that are seeking to respond to marriages in crisis and strengthen marriages.  Bridge To Life offers leadership training several times a year for those seeking to lead the Heart & Soul course.  Check our Leadership training for more details.


Lesson titles for the seminar series:

Putting Your Marriage in Perspective

Why We Relate the Way We Do

Why We Hide from Each Other

Looking for Love

Avoiding the Ditches in Our Marriage

When We Wound Each Other

The Costly Gift of Pursuing Love

How We Become One

A Husband of Valor

A Wife of Unfading Beauty

Relating Face to Face

Investing in My Spouse