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Core Beliefs

Some of the core beliefs that shape Journey Groups:

Everybody has a story and has been wounded in some way.

Everyone struggles with depravity.

Everyone has dignity, first as one created by God in His image, second as one for whom Christ
was willing to go to the cross.

Recovery, healing, restoration, and transformation is a life-long process.

God’s desire is to redeem our past and use the very story that brought us shame for His glory.

Repentance, as well as forgiveness, is a process done on many levels over time.

We embrace people where they are while inviting them to more.

We are not responsible for damage done to us but we are responsible for damage we have
caused to ourselves and others because of our wounded-ness.

We believe in allowing people to struggle and grieve at their own pace.

We believe in allowing others to struggle with God and not put a spiritual answer or quick fix to
their lives.

We believe the church, the body of Christ, should be a safe, powerful place of healing for all people.